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Hello, we are BlomaH!

Here to take your project to another level

At BlomaH, we understand that bringing a hotel project to life is no small feat. We pride ourselves on being respectful to your design intent as well as our ability to provide bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Developing the right product, with the perfect design, that fits within the timeline and budget of your projects can be an arduous task.

Our long-term partnerships with factories specializing in the manufacturing of furniture, data & power units, sustainable luxury vinyl flooring, and custom carpets and area rugs, ensure that your projects will not only stand out but have a truly unique touch.


But that's not all! When you choose to work with BlomaH, we provide you with dedicated FF&E project management services for all the products you specify from us. This ensures seamless coordination between designers, procurement, and hoteliers - a crucial factor in the success of your project.

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What can 

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do for you

Our comprehensive suite of product and services can help you bring your hotel or commercial project from concept to completion. A Tailored Approach for Every Role

For Interior Designers

Your design vision is the heart of your project, and we are passionate about helping you bring it to life. At BlomaH, we collaborate with our partner **factories** to find the perfect finishes and perform the necessary engineering to ensure that your designs come to life as you envisioned them.

From artwork development for a unique carpet or rug, to proper connections for LED lighting, to the development of unique furniture and flooring, we can help with all of it. Whatever your project needs, you can count on us at BlomaH to get it done.
And when you challenge us with a unique concept, our team is dedicated to working with **you**  to turn that idea into a reality.

For Owner - Developers & Investors

We understand that your priorities lie in timelines, budgets and operations. Our team at BlomaH is dedicated to maintaining transparency from the onset about our ability to meet your requirements. We take pride in being proactive, keeping all parties on track, and addressing potential issues before they become detrimental to your project. We achieve this by working closely with the assigned purchasing agent, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision and requirements.

For Procurement

At BlomaH, you'll find a partner who values transparency just as much as you do. You can trust in our carefully curated portfolio of brands and factory partners and rest assured knowing that we've vetted all our partners. Our commitment to an open and honest relationship sets us apart in the market and gives you peace of mind in choosing to work with our team.

Ready to make your hotel project a raving success?
Book a meeting with us to learn more about our products and services, and let the experts at BlomaH guide you every step of the way.

FF&E Project Management

In addition to product representation and business development, BlomaH specializes in FF&E project management services, ensuring seamless coordination between designers, suppliers, procurement and hoteliers. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on client satisfaction, the BlomaH team consistently delivers outstanding results in the competitive hospitality sector.


Trusted Partnerships

We don't just have clients - we have trusted partnerships with a wide variety of customers and suppliers in the Hospitality industry.

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