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From Paper To Reality: Behind The Scenes of Teamwork.


When I was a little kid, I remember watching a magician perform tricks on TV and having no idea how he was able to pull all those magic tricks.

It seemed impossible. I was eager to be able to magically pop in his brain for a second so that I could understand how the magic happened.

It wasn’t until I grew up and I had my first job in the hospitality industry that it hit me.

There are no magic illusions or tricks. The magic is teamwork.

You see, just as in magic shows, there’s stuff that happens behind the scenes and things that happen right in front of you.

In hospitality is the same thing.

When you’re working to provide an amazing experience for a guest, there’s a team of people in charge of different things you’ll need to perform “the magic tricks”. And it’s our job to come together and turn paper into reality.

We organize, connect, and gather resources.

But in order to create amazing experiences for the guest, we need a place for it to happen.

Whether it’s a hotel, a cruise, a restaurant, or a coffee shop. The way in which we design, decorate, and create an ambiance matters.

Here’s where the magic happens. Designers are provided with high-quality products to create functional and beautiful places where people can enjoy a vacation, a meal, or a special event.

From every piece of furniture that was designed, the measurements, and the way in which it is positioned to the way we decorate it, is teamwork.

Designers, suppliers, managers, architects, and many more are united into finding the best way to create a place that can make people feel at home.

Passion-filled people from different areas of expertise align with one mission: create a memorable experience for the guest.

And as a guest, you only see what is happening right in front of you.

You might not notice the amount of time, resources, and people that it takes to create functioning and stunning places, but once you’ve worked in the industry, you’ll know.

You’ll know the effort and thought put into every relationship between designers, suppliers, and project managers.

You’ll know that communication is key.

You’ll know that at the end of the day, the goal is to make meaningful connections and to make the guest enjoy an experience.

So next time you visit a different hotel, or maybe a new restaurant in town, take a moment to take a look around you.

Look at the way the furniture is placed. Look at the colors, shapes, and textures.


Did you notice the way the carpet warms up the room? And how about the extra sofa that saves the day?

Did you see how there’s always a place to plug in your phone? Or how about the wallpaper and the way it matches the rest of the room?

How does that make you feel?

The goal is for you to say: “I don’t want to go back home, I want to stay here forever.’” Because that means we accomplished the most important thing, to make you feel comfortable and connected to the place.

Think about the people behind the scenes that made magic happen.

Think about how in everything we do, the thing that always turns paper into reality is teamwork.

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